Dream Disc 1.0

Dream Disc released on PC, Mac and Linux!

How to play:

  • Choose a collection on the map screen to start playing
  • Click and hold anywhere on the screen
  • Drag back to charge your shot
  • Release the mouse button to fire the disc in that direction
  • Hit all the bumpers in the room to complete it
  • Remaining shots are collected as points
  • Earn enough points to collect a star and unlock new collections

Helpful Controls:

[ESC] --- Leave / Quit
[F] ------ Toggle fullscreen
[F3] ---- Open screenshot folder
[F4] ---- Take screenshot


dream-disc.love 43 MB
Feb 12, 2022
dream-disc-win32.zip 47 MB
Feb 12, 2022
dream-disc-macosx.zip 59 MB
Feb 12, 2022


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